Unit Network


Adjust your personal and security settings


Settings is where users can adjust username, personal profile, whitelisted wallet address and login credentials. There are also additional features here like the Unit Name Service and Passphrase Generator.

How to update settings on Unit Network

  1. 1.
    Login to Unit Network and navigate to the 'Profile' page, in the first container select 'Settings'
  2. 2.
    From the Settings page you can navigate between any of the tabs via the navigation at the top of the primary container
  3. 3.
    Be sure to save at the bottom of each container to preserve changes

Unit Name Service (UNS)

The Unit Name Service is an innovative feature to mitigate the hoarding of valueable or business associated user names. Here, any user is able to 'bid' to claim or retain a username using UNIT tokens.


A passphrase is a randomly generated selection of words you can use to manage access to your Unit Network account. It allows you to get access to your account if you have forgotten your PIN or password and therefore must be kept somewhere secure.
If any other person or hacker finds your passphrase they will be able to get complete access to your account, including changing your passwords, PIN and transferring your tokens.