Unit Network


Where to get the Unit Network (UNIT) token
There are a few ways to get UNIT tokens. You can earn UNIT, receive it from your peers, or buy it from exchange and sale page, more options will be made available after the laumch of the UnitChain.
UNIT exchange
Buy UNIT using the native Unit Network DEX
UNIT sale page
Buy UNIT from the native Unit Network sale page
Buy UNIT from other users who accept direct payment
You can earn UNIT from the Ecosystem Apps, DAOs or by becoming a Core Team member
Staking rewards
If you already have some UNIT, you can earn more through various staking methods
External exchanges
UNIT isn't listed outside of the Unit Network protocol yet -
New to UNIT? This is what you need to get started - What is UNIT?

Where do you live?

Exchanges have restrictions on where they can operate. This is an indicative list of jurisdictions that the Unit Network DAO do not endorse trade, exchange or sale - do your own research and paricipate accordingly.