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Transform projects, communities, businesses, or assets through tokenization.
The interface of the token/DAO creation page.
Empower yourself on Unit Network by effortlessly crafting your own cryptocurrency token tailored for diverse purposes. For in-depth insights into token utilities, use-cases, and their potential to bolster communities, projects, or businesses, delve into our Learning Hub.
Creating a Token on Unit Network: Fast and Beginner-Friendly
Creating a token on Unit Network is a breeze and requires no prior blockchain or cryptocurrency expertise. This platform boasts the title of the fastest and simplest token creation tool available. Here's how you can do it:
Step 1: Click on 'Create' in the Sidebar Navigation
An image of the token/DAO creation page requesting user to insert the name of choice.
Step 2: Input Your Preferred Token Name
In the token creation process on Unit Network, enter the name you desire for your token. Don't worry – you can always change it later if needed.
The token/DAO creation page with the name "mooncoin" filled the name tab.
Step 3: Customize Your Token Details
In this step on Unit Network, personalize your token by filling in the necessary details. At a minimum, include a description, image, token supply, and symbol (e.g., BTC, ETH, UNIT, SOL). Once you've made these adjustments, be sure to save your changes
An image of the edit overview that lets a user provide personalized details such as Description, Image, Token Supply, and Symbol.

Next Steps: Your Token is Live on Unit Network!

Congratulations! Your token is now active on Unit Network. For the next steps, consider transferring tokens to friends, initiating a sale round, or opening an exchange for your token. Explore additional features to manage and engage your token community, such as conducting polls, setting up stores, and organizing contests. The possibilities are vast!

Food for Thought: Nurturing Your Token's Success

While creating a token is a straightforward process, shaping its value proposition and mechanics demands thoughtful consideration. Anyone can craft a token with just a name, but for a thriving token launch, we recommend careful attention to the following elements:
  • Token Name
  • Token Symbol
  • Token Image
  • Total Token Supply
  • Token Description
  • Tokenomics
To enhance the understanding of your token's utility, it is advisable to build a website, create a whitepaper, draft a pitch deck, or formulate a simple business proposal. These documents should articulate what your token represents and how it functions. Communicate your unique token and its value proposition clearly and concisely to enable individuals to make informed choices about participating in your token economy.
Example Token Details: Mooncoin
Token Name: Mooncoin
Image: Owl Avatar
Total Token Supply: 1,000,000
Token Description: Professor Moon, a multi-dimensional owl, serves as an aggregation of the Unit Network knowledge base.
MOONCOIN is airdropped to community members contributing value to the Unit Network ecosystem. Top token holders enjoy perks like limited edition merchandise drops, exclusive events, and the option to join the advisory board. The token serves as a representation of kudos or social credits within the ecosystem, proudly displayed by esteemed supporters. Not available for purchase or sale on exchanges, MOONCOIN can only be earned or transferred.

Conditions for Deployed Tokens on UnitChain

After a token is created and deployed on UnitChain, it becomes subject to certain conditions:
· Total Supply Control: Adjusting the total supply is not possible unless you hold all the tokens. This safeguard prevents token holders from experiencing dilution, ensuring the value of their tokens remains stable and unaffected by inflation.
· Symbol Formatting: All token symbols are presented in capital letters, such as MUSIC, UNIT, NEWYORK. Occasionally, symbols may be prefixed with a dollar sign ($MUSIC, $UNIT, $NEWYORK) for clarity, emphasizing their nature as tokens.
· Withdrawal Limitations: Currently, tokens created on Unit Network cannot be withdrawn from the platform. However, this capability is anticipated to be enabled with the launch of the self-custodial wallet in the future.
Token Specifications on Unit Network
· Token Standard: UNT (Similar to ERC-20 offered by Ethereum)
· Transferrable: Yes
· Fungible: Yes
· Expiry: No
· Utility: Defined by the creator

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