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An explanation on how the deposit option on the Unit Network works with visual aids and text.
An image of the deposit dashboard


Depositing your crypto to Unit Network can be done via the Deposit tab of your user wallet.
If you do not already have crypto you can purchase Bitcoin with your debit / credit card through Moonpay or any other exchange most suited to where you are located like Binance, Coinbase or Kraken. In the event you purchase from an exchange please read the warning below as you will first need to send to a private wallet before transferring to Unit Network.
For users wishing to purchase over $250K USD please contact our sales team as we can assist with a smooth onramp through Bitcoin Suisse.
Important! Do not send your crypto to Unit Network directly from a centralised exchange like Binance, Coinbase etc. The crypto must arrive from a self-custodial wallet like Ledger, Trezor, MetaMask, Exodus etc. so the transaction can be verified.
This is quick and simple to do. We recommend Exodus Wallet as it can hold nearly all cryptocurrencies.
For information on which networks to use when transferring your crypto to Unit Network and their respective block explorers please see the Blue Chips page. Currently we only support native networks for deposits. For example, if you are trying to deposit BTC you must do so via Native SegWit, not BEP20 or any others.

How to deposit crypto

1. Select the Wallet page from the left navigation panel and chose Deposit​
An Image of the deposit tab on Unit Network webapp.
2. Select from the TOKEN dropdown which token (BTC, ETH, DOT, etc.) you want to deposit
An image containing the list of tokens that available for selection.
3. If you have not selected a trusted deposit address you will see a prompt asking you to add your trusted address which you are using to make to deposit. Copy and paste the personal wallet address from which you will send your chosen token. Please make sure this is your personal receiving/sending address, and not an exchange address. If you don't have one try Exodus.
An image showing a deposit of Cosmos-ATOM is about to be made. A blank space to input the Cosmos-ATOM address is right below.
4. When your trusted address has been added you'll see a button to navigate back to the Deposit page
An image with three functional buttons; deposit, withdraw, and add to vault.
5. Type in the quantity or dollar-equivalent amount of your chosen token you want to deposit. (please note there is a $100 minimum) Your deposit address should already be populated. Click Deposit
An image of another deposit page. Details including the token, token amount, quantity of token, etc., are requested.
6. On the next page, copy the address under “TO [token] ADDRESS” (second field) into the wallet from which you are sending the funds (first field). You can use the QR code as an alternative to copying the "TO [token] ADDRESS".
An image of another step in the deposit page. This contains amount of token to be transferred,  token address, and instructions.
7. Go to your self custodial wallet (Exodus) and select the asset you wish to deposit to Unit Network, select Send and then add the amount shown in the “[Token] AMOUNT” field ($100 or 7.84 ATOM)
For information on which networks to use when transferring you'r crypto to Unit Network and their respective block explorers please see the Blue Chips page
An image of a mobile deposit interface.
8. After sending, copy the Transaction ID/Hash from blockchain explorer or the Activity tab of the token you just sent and paste into the “TRANSACTION ID/HASH” field on the Unit Network deposit screen. Click UPDATE.
9. Under “STATUS”, the deposit status will be “pending” until it turns to “completed”. You can hit the refresh button to see updates. Blockchain transactions can take some time.
10. Once the deposit is complete, click on the Wallet page to find your token/s.


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