Unit Network
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A summary of what to expect on the wallet page of Unit Network web application.
An image of the Wallet containing details such as the wallet balance and Newsfeed.


The Wallet page is the current dashboard showing your portfolio overview with tabs to access LP Staking positions and tokens you've created as well as a public Newsfeed


The Wallet is a secure and versatile personal multi-coin / multi-token wallet that can hold all of the different cryptocurrencies we support (see Blue Chips) and any of the tokens created on Unit Network.
The wallet displays:
  • Token name, symbol and image
  • Price of each token
  • Quantity of the tokens held
  • Total wallet value
We are currently working on a self custodial wallet with Substrate Connect that will allows users to own their private keys and interact with other ecosystems.
An image of the stake tab displaying tokens the staked tokens and the quantity or shares held.
Bond Staked - A brief summary of what to expect on the staked tab.


The Staked tab shows tokens that you currently have staked in any staking pools, see Liquidity Pool Staking for more info about how to stake and un-stake your tokens.