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A summary explaining what to expect on the profile page.
A visual representation of the profile page with details such as the username, invited by, and active.
The Profile page is your account overview, showing general info, token holdings, team tokens and user generated tokens.
All of the information shown on the Profile page is public
Info - Information tab that explains all about account and data usage.
An image displaying information about an account with the username "moon."
The Info tab publicly displays your account and usage data.
Lets take a look at each one:
  • Username: Current user name. This can be adjusted in settings as a random user name is automatically assigned.
  • Time Size: Users registered with your invite link
  • Joined: Date account was created
  • Invited By: User who invited you
  • UNIT Received: Total UNIT received to your wallet
  • UNIT Sent: Total UNIT sent from your wallet
  • UNIT Balance: Total UNIT currently held
  • Socials: Links to your socials, set in the settings tab
  • Bio: User biography, set in the settings tab
Holdings - An overview of the holdings account.
An overview of the token tab with current holdings including Bitcoin, Polkadolt, Music Industry, etc.
The Holdings tab publicly displays the various tokens you hold in your Wallet, but the quantities are private.
Team - An overview of a token's team page.
An image of the profile dashboard on Unit Network.
The Team tab publicly displays any tokens of which you are a team member.
Token creators are able to add other users as team members with set token allocations and the option to add a cliff and vest period.
This is different to just being a token holder. It allows a token creator to incentivise core team members to participate in the projects development, offering tokens as a reward.
Currently any user is able to add any other user to their team without permission. We are looking to adjust this so that users who have been added to a team must first approve the request before being added.
Created - An explanation of the created token page.
An image the created tab that shows a user have created to tokens which are The Beach Villa and Professor Moon.
The Created tab shows all tokens you have created and how many of those tokens you hold in your personal wallet.
This tab can also be accessed from the Wallet page
If you have just created a token and the quantity is showing '0' beneath quantity as seen above, this is because none of the token have been sent out of the Tokens Bank to your wallet.
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