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A summary of the roles of key administrators to a token and an explanation of certain financial terms.
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An image of the info dashboard.
Desktop view of the UNIT Token dashboard, focused on the Overview module
The Overview module publicly displays key administration and financial information based on the current statistics and metrics of a token.
  • Manager: The account that created and administers the token
  • Manager Last Active: Time since last login
  • Date: Date and time the token was created
  • Supply: Total amount of tokens created (this can only be changed if the token manager has possession of all tokens).
  • Circulating Supply: Total amount of tokens that have been sold or transferred out of the token bank to other wallets or users.
  • Market Valuation (Diluted): The total token supply multiplied by the exchange price
  • Market Valuation (Circulating): The circulating token supply multiplied by the exchange price
  • Treasury: Current value of the cryptocurrencies locked into the treasury
  • Floor Price: Current value of the treasury divided by the total token supply
  • Exchange Price: Current exchange price of the token
  • Pool Value: Current value staked into the exchange pools
  • Website: Website of the token project
  • Slide Deck Link: Slide deck of the token project
  • Social Media Links: Social media handles of the token project
Much of this information can be found on websites like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko for established cryptocurrencies and tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. but listing small-cap or niche tokens created on Unit Network is not possible in the short term, hence a strong emphasis on providing this info to all users and token creators.
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