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This page summarizes all you need to know about how created tokens will be open on a public dashboard.
An image that summarizes all activities on a token. It contains details including community leaderboard, invite tab, team, advisors and updates.
Desktop view of the UNIT Token dashboard
The Info tab is the public dashboard of a token showing a financial overview, community leaderboard, invite tab, team, advisors and updates.
All of the information shown on the info tab is public, visible to any user on the platform
With a snapshot of key financial and community metrics, any user is able to determine the health and/or legitimacy of the token based on information like:
  • Treasury holdings
  • Date created
  • Token Manager
  • Pool Value
  • Circulating Supply
  • Team & Community Size
  • Time Last Active
This is data that can be difficult to find or calculate on tokens created outside of the Unit Network ecosystem as the information is not usually laid-out (transparently) on a single dashboard. Our aim with the info tab is bring the most important token information to a single place.
Next, we'll take a closer look at the overview module.
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