Unit Network


Information on the timeline for Unit Ventures separated into five phases.


Our project timeline identifies the end goal as being the adoption of the token economy for the mainstream. The pathway is to build the UNIT token economy and build 50 industry token economies and 50 city token economies that ignite the future of the cooperative stakeholder economy.

Phase 1: Research and Development - 2017-2019

  • In this phase, the initial co-founders focused on conducting market research to understand the requirements and challenges of decentralised technologies and various implementations that could improve wealth distribution and better leverage existing value locked in crypto ecosystems
  • Began prototyping and testing different technical approaches to ensure that our application would be reliable, scalable, and user-friendly.
  • Decided on a purpose built blockchain created with Substrate, deployed on Polkadot's relaychain

Phase 2: MVP Launch & Team Growth - 2019-2020

  • Based on the insights gathered in phase 1, we developed a minimum viable product (MVP) of our Web3 application and began beta testing
  • The MVP will included the core features and functionality that were necessary for our application to provide value to users
  • Iteration based on user feedback and better understanding of use-case requirements
  • Launched Unit Masters and Unit Conferences

Phase 3: Feature Set Ideation, Development & IDO - 2020-2021

  • Continued to gather feedback from users and incorporated it into the product development
  • Expanded platform functionality and capabilities while exploring potential partnerships and integrations
  • Launched on Rococo test-net (Polkadot test network)
  • Developed Vaults concept to distribute asset management and facilitate decentralised wrapping / unwrapping
  • Initiated UNIT token IDO
  • Scaled Unit Conference and Unit Masters to over 10,000 participants and graduates
  • Scaled core team to build out the C.V.M.U.N & M.O.P.S frameworks and improve marketing efforts

Phase 4: Core Feature Development, Team Expansion & Private Sales - 2021-2022

  • Platform gained more users and traction with over 44k user wallets created
  • Prioritised bug fixes, performance and reliability.
  • Launched UNIT and user token DEX's
  • Initiated UNIT & USDU rebase
  • Attended, sponsored and presented at 54 conferences and events around the world
  • Over 10,000 graduates through the Unit Masters program
  • Launched the Unit Ventures accelerator program
  • Created Alpha Network as canary chain to launch on Kusama
  • Prepared to deploy on Polkadot relay-chain
  • Community features close to complete
  • Private sale round pricing adjusted
  • UI / UX v2 underway to incorporate with updated tech stack

Phase 5: Core Feature Launch & Parachain Deployment - 2023 - 2024

  • UNIT Bond Staking (Live)
  • User token bond staking (Live)
  • Default community features (Final stages)
  • Vaults (Final stages)
  • Withdrawals (In progress)
  • Blockchain development (In progress)
  • Parachain deployment (In progress)
  • UI/UX v2 (In progress)
  • Withdrawals / Deposits (In progress)
  • In-app token gating (In progress)
  • Bridging to other ecosystems outside Polkadot relaychain (Preparation)
  • Cross-chain communication with other Parachains (Preparation)
  • Self-custodial wallets (Preparation)
  • Community feature SDK (Preparation)
  • Updated documentation / video tutorials (Preparation)