Unit Network


An overview of the sales process on Unit Network.


Step 3: Manage your token growth

  • Funds from the token sale goes directly to that tokens “operational bank” which is viewable to investors, both current and potential. These funds are accessible to the token creator for operational expenses and growth.
  • If you generate revenue then it is your direct responsibility to move funds to the bank. This encourages new investment and keeps current investors happy that their stake is on its way to growing.
  • Any funds not needed directly for operational expenses can and should be added to your treasury.
    • To set a floor price. This creates the underlying value for the asset. For example: if total supply is 1million tokens and $1million in revenues/raised funds is added from the Bank to the Treasury, the minimum price someone is willing to sell/buy for 1 token is $1. However if that $1million was in the Bank only then technically it can be spent.
    • Increase confidence. Stakeholders now have confidence in their investment knowing there is a minimum price their stake is worth. This will encourage many to invest further.
Last modified 6mo ago