Unit Network
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Quick Start

How to get setup if you already know the fundamentals.

Step 1: Register

To open an account on Unit Network you will need a referral link / invite URL from an existing user. If you don't know an existing user try asking around on any of our social media channels.
All usernames on Unit Network must be unique. Once registered, it's recommended to personalise your username (whether public or pseudonymous) via Profile / Settings / Username as transfers, chat, whitelisting, teams etc. all function on a username basis.
An image of Unit Networks registration/invitation dashboard requiring users to fill in their email and password.

Step 2: Deposit / Buy Crypto

Depositing your crypto to Unit Network can be done via the Deposit tab of your user wallet. Note some deposits may take a few hours to confirm.
Important! Do not send your crypto to Unit Network via a centralised exchange like Binance, Coinbase etc. The crypto must arrive from a self-custodial wallet like Ledger, Trezor, MetaMask, Exodus etc. so the transaction can be verified.
If you do not already have crypto you can purchase Bitcoin with your debit / credit card through Moonpay via 'Wallet / Deposit' tab. Users who do not have an account with Moonpay will need to create one which takes about 10mins to complete with KYC confirmation. For more information see the complete depositing documentation here.
An image of Unit Network's deposit page requesting a user to choose a token to deposit. On the extreme right, there's a transaction history.

Step 3: Explore

Find DAOs and tokens via the 'Explore' tab. Selecting a token will show a dashboard with options to trade, stake, buy and review the all the tokens information.
Keep an eye on token treasuries! If there's nothing in the treasury, the token value is speculative with no clarity on downside risk. Crypto sent to a token treasury can only be redeemed by token holders who may send tokens back to the treasury (burning the tokens) to receive a relative portion of the value held. This sets a floor price and mitigates risk for token holders.
An image of the explore page, with the tag "Explore Token & DAOs" at the top. Right below the tag is the different categories to explore: City, Industry, Stable, and Crypto. Below the categories, the search icon and an overview of some tokens with their supply/market value are located.

Step 4: Grow your token portfolio

There are a few important incentives build into the platform that all users can make use of if the choose to.
  • Share your invite link and earn 0.5% of all trades your referrals make Read more
  • Stake your tokens in liquidity pools to earn up to 0.5% of the trades Read more
  • Bond stake your UNIT for up to 15% APY Read more
  • Lock your UNIT in the Vaults to take out crypto loans Read more
An image of the Invite page. The option for a user to copy or share the invite link is seen. Other notable details include the team size, the active team members with usernames and the time they joined, and the exchange and sales bonuses.

Step 5: Join our community channels

For weekly updates, discussion with like minds and everything else tokenisation be sure to follow: