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When individuals come together aligned on the same bold purpose, great things happen.


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How it works

Our team for Unit is exceptionally talented. We have people from a broad range of industries, from fashion, finance, science, art, property, and more. Unit core contributors and advisors come from cross-discipline backgrounds and are active across the globe: Singapore, Bali, KL, Dubai, Moscow, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, London, Zurich, Ibiza, Pune, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and others.
We believe that bringing talented people together with a passion for Unit mission and vision can create the positive change we want to see in the world. With its diverse understanding of and across industries, our team helps us grow within those fields and are community leaders who have a strong network within cities and different industries. Unit is managed by Unit Core Team, and each of our industries/city communities powered by sub-teams.
Our goal is to bring together 200 people within our core Unit ecosystem who will focus on having us be the leading solutions platform. Each of the 200 core contributors is part of one of the four MOPS entities which create the foundation for streamlined coordination in a remote working environment,
If you want to contribute to the project, this section is here to guide you through your first steps with the Unit team.
We welcome top advisors, mentors, contributors, and are very grateful for having you here. The point of bringing together all of you experts, visionaries, and those that have helped play an integral part in creating the present that we live in, is to enable mentoring support to the members of our ecosystem. We believe that with your insight, advice, contributions, and feedback, we'll ensure that the direction and vision we are moving towards are positive and supporting different people within the ecosystem.
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