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Unit Pioneers Program is for volunteers who want to contribute a fixed amount of hours per week to support the nurturing and growth of Unit Community.


The Unit Network Pioneer Program is designed exclusively for entrepreneurs, change-makers, innovators and enthusiasts who want advance the adoption of blockchain and tokenisation as a means to reduce wealth inequity while also allowing you to develop personally and professionally.
Depending on your skill set and experience, you may be a good fit for a position with Unit Network and can begin work on an open project proposal. At the end of the 3-month project and upon a successful completion, you will be invited to join the Unit Core Team.
We are only looking for those who strongly align with our ethos and are interested in becoming core team members. The Pioneer Program is an unpaid and voluntary role

Scope and Commitment

  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Minimum required hours: 10-15 hours per week
  • Preferred hours: 20+ hours per week
  • After successful completion of the program, Unit pioneers will be offered the opportunity to transition to Unit core team status.

Program Details

This 12 weeks volunteers program requires a commitment of minimum 10 hours per week and is fully remote. Those hours include the following:
  • Contribute to a project team through conducting market research analysis, and implementation of 1 self-led project as agreed with Unit Supervisor. Projects are designed to build knowledge, skills, and experience in the Blockchain Industry
  • Exposure to various business leaders from around the world
  • Training and development workshops to build transferable business skills for leaders and entrepreneurs of the future

Application process:

  • Submit application form: click here
  • Schedule a call to discuss program participation
  • Make sure to add your CV
Contact [email protected] in case you have any questions.

Unit Global Pioneers Program timeline:

Week 1: Orientation Week
Week 2: Scope your project
Week 3-10: Run your own project (guided by dedicated Unit Supervisor)
Weeks 11-12: Assess project results and document accomplishments for publishing on Social Media and assessment
Project opportunities could be in areas such as:
  • UI/UX Design, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Operations
  • Innovation: Blockchain & app development, new product or business initiatives, brand optimization
  • Community & Event Management: Create excitement for the token economy of the future
  • Public Relations: Writing reviews or press releases
  • Blockchain Education: Build the world’s leading program for (certified) blockchain training and drive inclusivity through tech education
  • Business Development & Partnerships: Identify and build prosperous and sustainable partnerships with the world’s leading organizations
  • Strategy: Business development & analytics, portfolio management
  • Build and manage Unit Ambassador Program and global community


  • Global Pioneers will receive dedicated coaching
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Exposure to the exciting world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain
  • Flexible working hours and remote work
  • Build a community of global change-makers who seek for building the new economy and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Flat organizational culture
  • Learn how to be a self-starting entrepreneur while enjoying a structured mentoring program with defined group coaching sessions
  • Work with an expert in the field of your interest who are friendly and fun-loving colleagues from all over the world
  • Opportunity to join Unit Core Team

Minimum Background and Experiences:

  • Fluency in English
  • Quick learner; self-starter with a hands-on attitude
  • Able to work independently
  • Ability to commit to a full 12-week program
  • Strong prioritization skills and knowing when to push back when needed
  • Diversity and inclusion is our passion
  • Previous internship experience and/or participated in college clubs/organizations, and/or in-depth coursework in a project-related field

Preferred Background and Experiences:

  • Work experience in Marketing, Digital Marketing, UI/UX Design, Social Media, Consulting, Strategy, Sales, Operations, or Full Stack & Blockchain Development
  • Fluency in a second language (especially Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and/or Mandarin)
  • Demonstrated thought leadership, extraordinary results, strategy execution, and teamwork skills


  • Passion for entrepreneurship and technology (blockchain technology, web3)
  • Sharp analytical abilities including identification of unconventional trends and emerging technologies
  • Ability to drive independent research and ask questions to experts (grits)
  • Ability to navigate in a fast-paced and remote team environment
  • An open-minded research approach and genuine intellectual curiosity
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Curiosity to develop leadership skills
  • Positive attitude, kind mentality, and generous (self-)compassion
Unit Ambassador Program
Became global or regional community head to build/manage Unit Ambassador program


The Unit Ambassador Program is an initiative ran by Unit to support potential contributors to the Unit community and ecosystem.

How it works

If you are enthusiastic about Unit and Web3 and are willing to help the community grow, you can join the program and receive funding for hosting events, gain access to communication channels of core team members, and gain access to Unit events.
There are many ways you can get involved in expanding Unit's ecosystem, such as:
  • Contributing code and documentation related to the ecosystem
  • Speaking about Unit at events, workshops, and meetups
  • Writing blog posts
  • Representing Unit in your region
  • Mentoring and onboarding newcomers
  • Identifying partnerships and opportunities for the Unit ecosystem
  • Participating in calls and tasks that help drive the ecosystem forward
Sounds like something you would excel at, while also having fun doing so?
Contact [email protected] with questions.
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