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The community guideline in Unit Network.


At Unit Network, we champion inclusion and access for everyone regardless of age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical ability, religion, ethnicity, and perspective.
The chats are public spaces, so please be mindful of language, and continue any personal issues in a private message or off of the platform.
It is strictly forbidden to ask people for crypto/deposits within Unit Network chats. If anyone, including a person pretending to be a Unit team member, requests anything from you, please let us know and we will remove and block that person. As you know, there are scammers everywhere, pretending to be people they are not, so be mindful of the TG handles and notify an admin.

Chat Rules

1. Read and understand the rules!
Read and understand these rules! Chat and community admins will remove those who consistency go against the rules outlined below.
2. Be respectful with all members
Be respectful to others , No death threats, sexism, hate speech, racism (NO N WORD, this includes soft N) No doxxing, swatting, witch hunting
3. No Advertising
Includes DM Advertising. We do not allow advertising here of any kind.
4. No NSFW content
Anything involving gore or sexual content is not allowed. NSFW = Not Safe for Work
5. No spamming in text or VC
Do not spam messages, soundboards, voice changers, or earrape in any channel.
6. Do not discuss about sensitive topics
This isn't a debating server, keep sensitive topics out of here so we don't have a ton of nasty arguments.
7. No malicious content
No grabify links, viruses, crash videos, links to viruses, or token grabbers. These will result in an automated ban.
8. No Self / Spam / Malicious Bots
Includes all kinds of selfbots: Nitro snipers, selfbots like nighty, auto changing statuses, malicious telegram bots or any other spam generating bots.
9. Do not berate, chastise or demean admin, community and core team members
All team and community members are here to help build the token economy and deliver a leading tokenisation platform to the world. This takes time as we're innovating on the cutting edge of of many technological advancements. Sometimes upgrades, new features and errors can take longer to complete / resolve than expected. Pressuring the team unnecessarily does NOT accelerate progress.
10. Profile Picture / Banner Rules
No NSFW allowed No racism No brightly flashing pictures to induce an epileptic attack
11. Emoji Rules
No NSFW allowed No racism No brightly flashing pictures to induce an epileptic attack
12. Use English only (for now)
We cannot easily moderate chats in different languages, sorry. English only while our moderation team is small.
Please be respectful of everyone or you will be removed.
We look forward to your participation and engagement as we create greater wealth equity in the world by aligning the incentives of owners and investors with those of employees and customers. The token economy is built by you.
If you have any questions, contact an admin and they will point you to the right person.
Welcome aboard!