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Unit Media

An open source, community-run publication created by Unit Network dedicated to providing the latest insight into the world of tokenisation ($MEDIA)


• For social cohesion by ensuring everyone feels seen and heard in the collective human narrative. • Of the people, by the people, and for the people.


• In an open community, we ensure access to knowledge, representation in knowledge creation, and fair dissemination and use of knowledge to empower the future of media.
• In our ecosystem value compounds as more members join, creating a network effect of reinforcing loops of growth and value creation.
• In our token-based community, members earn tokens by contributing and staking them for benefits and governance decisions to incentivize collaboration, investment, and to guide development in directions beneficial to stakeholders.


• Pioneering a revolutionary approach to media by building a community-run, sovereign and self-sustaining ecosystem on three core pillars:
o Value Creation & Value Distribution (community ownership and decentralized governance)
o Media Production & Dissemination (monetized content creation and distribution channels)
o Staking Membership Model (membership tiers with escalating benefits and revenue sharing)
• Reshaping the media landscape, empowering creators, engaging communities, and leading the charge towards a decentralized and transparent media future.
o News and Articles
o Research Reports
o Documentary Short Films


• Stephan Earnhart (educator, researcher, hotelier, and community-builder) • ?

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