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Unit Events

An exclusive, community-driven events DAO by Unit Network, committed to curate the top experiences and cutting-edge gatherings for our network of change-makers. ($EVENTS)


Unit Network offers exclusive and boutique events for forward thinking individuals and businesses ready to learn, share and capitalise on token based ecosystems.
As a pioneering crypto startup, we have built a tokenization platform that serves as a catalyst for change makers, bridging the gap between technology, finance, and social good. On our events we foster an environment of open collaboration and shared experiences, embodying the decentralized spirit of Unit Network.
Join us at one of our global events as we gather a diverse community of platform users, crypto enthusiasts, venture capitalists, and like-minded individuals passionate about creating a better future.

Unit Event Objectives

Community Growth:
Unite a vibrant and engaged community of change makers, Unit Network users, crypto enthusiasts, and individuals dedicated to making a positive impact.
Knowledge sharing:
Facilitate the exchange of ideas, insights, and experiences among attendees, providing a platform for collaborative learning and innovation.
Raise capital for the Unit Network projects and highlight investment opportunities for venture capitalists and potential partners aligned with the Unit vision for the token economy.
Create the space and time for meaningful connections and partnerships among attendees to strengthen the collective efforts towards positive change.
Support local communities:
At the venues where our events are hosted, we initiate impactful engagement with local projects to cultivate a positive social footprint within the community.


Our community is not just a network; it's an exclusive enclave of individuals committed to pioneering change. Membership in our community is a testament to a shared vision, and our events serve as a rendezvous for the most dedicated and forward-thinking minds in the crypto and technology space. The exclusivity of our community ensures that every interaction is meaningful, and each participant plays a crucial role in shaping the future we envision.
Join the Unit Network community as we embark on a journey to revolutionize the way we create, fund, and amplify positive change. Together, we can build a future where technology and finance converge to shape a better world.

Internal Events:

In 2024 we plan a series of events around the globe to foster a sense of community within the Unit ecosystem. Expect an atmosphere of open collaboration and shared experiences, reflecting the decentralized spirit of Unit Network. Here's what you can look forward to:
Token Economy Summit: Dubai March / 2024 New York 2024 / London 2024 / Hong Kong 2024 Community Meetups: Our community meetups are dynamic gatherings organised by the Unit community in more than 50 cities globally. These meetups serve as local hubs for Unit enthusiasts, platform users, and individuals dedicated to positive impact. Members are encouraged to submit their events for approval and support.
The highly anticipated UnitCON promises to be an exclusive event, uniting our investors, key players, and friends in the ecosystem from around the world for an unforgettable moment to learn and celebrate a shared vision as we come together to build a decentralized and empowered future. Stay tuned for more details!
A lot of development is currently underway to improve the integration of Unit Conference with the Unit Network application. Stay sharp for new updates coming soon!

Unit Experiences:

Crypto Surf Week🏄‍♀️:
Bali Portugal Costa Rica
Crypto Cycling Week🚴‍♂️:
South America - Atacama Desert - 2377 km Europe - Lisbon to Porto - 364 km Asia - Tokyo to Nagoya - 344 km North America - Boston to New York - 346 km
Crypto Climbing Week🧗‍♀️:
Everest Base Camp Kilimanjaro/ Tanzania
Crypto Ski Week🎿:
St Moritz - Jan/24 Lake Tahoe Niseko
Crypto Poker Tour ♠️♥️♦️♣️:
Europe - Crypto Poker Tour Monaco - April Asia - Crypto Poker Tour Macau - May North America - Crypto Poker Tour Las Vegas - July

External Events:

In 2024, the Unit Team is gearing up to make a meaningful impact at various high-profile events, bringing our vision to the global stage. Next to these events we will be hosting side events and VIP dinners. These exclusive gatherings provide an opportunity for networking, collaboration, and in-depth discussions. Check out our calendar for the year:
World Economic Forum (WEF) - Davos
Satoshi Roundtable
Crypto Finance Conference (CFC)
Sundance Film Festival
South by Southwest (SXSW)
Summit at Sea
TED Conference
Time 100
Milken Institute Global Conference - Los Angeles
Founders Forum
Monaco Grand Prix
Nexus Conference
Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting
Aspen Ideas Festival
Bilderberg Conference
World Series of Poker (WSOP)
Burning Man
Fashion Week
The Nantucket Project
Coinbase Ventures Summit
Network State Conference
Art Basel