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Unit City

An overview of what city tokens are all about. Everything from the use, governance, tokenomics, reverse asset, and examples of some city tokens. ($CITY)
San Francisco $SANFRANCISCO Los Angeles $LOSANGELES New York $NEWYORK London $LONDON
Paris $PARIS Dubai $DUBAI Hong Kong $HONGKONG Singapore $SINGAPORE


Each City Token is an open DAO consisting of individuals, businesses and communities within the city while also being a form of currency backed by the Blue Chips and a reverse ETF, allowing anyone to buy a single token and share in the upside of a specific territory.
All City Tokens have been created by Unit Foundation Please be sure to check the token managers username on the Tokens Info page to avoid fraudulent tokens.
City Token.png
City Token.png


  • Used to buy products and services from a City Token community stores
  • Transferred as payment between users
  • City Token Treasuries receive 0.5% of all City Token trades
  • Purchased as a Reserve ETF of all the tokens in a specific city


All Unit Network core team are part of at least one City Token DAO to assist with setup, management and ensure there is a direct channel communication with the community.
City Token bank and treasury management will ultimately handed off to the various core team members that work to build and moderate the City Token communities so that governance and objectives can be tailored to suit.


While there are many different City Tokens created by Unit Foundation as seen below, they all share the same tokenomics:
  • Contract: UnitChain
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000.0 (100%)
  • Sale Supply: 66,000,000.00 (66%)
  • Operations: 14,000,000.00 (14%)
  • Core Team: 20,000,000.00 (20%) (200 ppl, 3 year cliff, 5 year vest)

Reserve Assets

Just like the UNIT Coin all the City Tokens issued by Unit Foundation are backed by the Blue Chips with 90% of all City Token sales getting locked into the treasury to support value and minimise downside risk.
Additionally, City Tokens Treasuries receive 0.5% of all City Token trades.

City Tokens

We are currently active in about 30 cities across Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. Our goal is to have a presence and support local economies in 60-70 cities in Asia, 30 cities in the Middle East and Africa, and 50 cities each in Europe and the Americas.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Austin, USA
Bali, Indonesia
Bangkok, Thailand
Berlin, Germany
Beijing, China
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dubai, UAE
Hong Kong, China
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
London, England
Los Angeles, USA
Paris, France
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Mexico City, Mexico
Melbourne, Australia
Milan, Italy
Munich, Germany
Moscow, Russia
Miami, USA
Mumbai, India
New York, USA
San Francisco, USA
Seoul, South Korea
Singapore, Singapore
Shanghai, China
Toronto, Canada
Tokyo, Japan
Tel Aviv, Israel
Zurich, Switzerland
Sydney, Australia
Valetta, Malta
Madrid, Spain
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Lisbon, Portugal
Hamburg, Germany
Barcelona, Spain
Taipei, Taiwan
58 Key Cities(population) New York 🇺🇸 8.5m London 🇬🇧 8.9m Dubai 🇦🇪 3.3m Hong Kong 🇭🇰 7.4m 17 North and South America(New York HQ) New York 🇺🇸 8.5m Los Angeles 🇺🇸 3.8m San Francisco 🇺🇸 815k Miami 🇺🇸 439k Austin 🇺🇸 964k Chicago 🇺🇸 2.6m Houston 🇺🇸 2.3m Seattle 🇺🇸 750k Boston 🇺🇸 690k Las Vegas 🇺🇸 650k Toronto 🇨🇦 2.8m Montreal 🇨🇦 1.7m Vancouver 🇨🇦 631k Sao Paulo 🇧🇷 12.3m Rio 🇧🇷 6.7m Mexico City 🇲🇽 9.2m Buenos Aires 🇦🇷 3m 18 Europe & Africa(London HQ) London 🇬🇧 8.9m Manchester 🇬🇧 550k Berlin 🇩🇪 3.6m Munich 🇩🇪 1.5m Frankfurt 🇩🇪 700k Milan 🇮🇹 1.4m Rome 🇮🇹 2.8m Zurich 🇨🇭 440k Geneva 🇨🇭 200k Madrid 🇪🇸 3.3m Paris 🇫🇷 2.1m Nice 🇫🇷 340k Monaco 🇲🇨 38k Athens 🇬🇷 664k Lisbon 🇵🇹 505k Dublin 🇮🇪 1.2m Amsterdam 🇳🇱 872k Moscow 🇷🇺 12.4m 9 Middle East & South Asia(Dubai HQ) Dubai 🇦🇪 3.3m Abu Dhabi 🇦🇪 1.5m New Delhi 🇮🇳 257k Delhi 🇮🇳 30m Mumbai 🇮🇳 20m Istanbul 🇹🇷 15.5m Cape Town 🇿🇦 4.5m Doha 🇶🇦 2.4m Tel Aviv 🇮🇱 460k Riyadh 🇸🇦 7.6m 14 Asia & China(Hong Kong) Hong Kong 🇭🇰 7.4m Singapore 🇸🇬 5.7m Tokyo 🇯🇵 13.5m Osaka 🇯🇵 2.7m Kyoto 🇯🇵 1.5m Beijing 🇨🇳 21.5m Shanghai 🇨🇳 27m Shenzhen 🇨🇳 12.5m Hangzhou 🇨🇳 10m Guangzhou 🇨🇳 15m
Seoul 🇰🇷 9.7m Auckland 🇳🇿 1.7m Sydney 🇦🇺 5.3m Melbourne 🇦🇺 5m

City Token FAQ

Why city and industry tokens?
Cities and industries are forms of communities that we all share. City and industry tokens, with diversified digital stores of value backing their treasuries, will attract people in those cities and industries to want to earn and share ownership in communities they already share with like-minded individuals, but the technology was not available previously to easily organise and gather.
How are city and industry tokens issued?
Each city and industry token has 100m maximum supply, issued from its bank at progressively higher prices, as the TOKEN-USDU exchange price reaches the next prescribed bank price and the token becomes attractive to buy.
How are city and industry tokens valued?
There is a “push” and “pull” way to value a city or industry token. The limited supply issued at any one time is used to purchase project, personal, or business tokens in that community and is sequestered in those token banks and treasuries, pulling up a token’s price through the various sale price rounds, issuing more of the token to the market.
In addition, a 0.5% fee is taken on a token’s trades on its TOKEN-USDU exchange, pushing up the floor value of the city/industry token and justifying its trading price and market cap on an “earnings” or “book value” basis.
What am I buying if I buy a city or industry token?
You are buying essentially a reverse ETF – a stake in that city’s or industry’s token economy of the future – not through the mayor’s office or obliquely through an exchange traded fund of relatively large publicly traded stocks in that industry, but directly owning a portion of the “shared bank account” represented by that token community, made possible by Unit’s technology.
Happens in two ways:
  1. 1.
    Community members and businesses buy into it; as ownership in the ecosystem
  2. 2.
    businesses/projects use it as a reserve asset
where its value is backed by exchange fees along with the underlying asset it holds.
Say 1m musicians buy into the MUSIC token, it operates like a shared fund/savings account, given the 100m limited supply; this will tend to drive the price/value of it upwards.
What is a “reverse-ETF”?
An ETF (exchange-traded fund) holds assets on behalf of shareholders in the fund.
A token/reverse-ETF is itself invested in other token banks/treasuries. Sequestering the limited-supply reverse ETF/token in project token treasuries
  1. 1.
    pulls up the price of the reverse ETF and represents a one-token way to buy that class of assets, while
  2. 2.
    The trading fees and bank token sales raise the floor price, which pushes up the value
  3. 3.
    Can all industries be tokenized? Do you have examples of tokenized industries/projects?
Industries that are big enough in terms of transaction activities and population are the main focus in Unit. All tokens are fungible within the industry or city.
  1. 1.
    Let’s say a musician in New York creates a new token - will that token eventually be part of the NY city community page - or how would someone find that opportunity if they didn't know the name of the particular token to search for?
Yes, the tokens will be searchable by community, price/treasury, price/treasury growth rate, by timed upcoming sales rounds, and other metrics.
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