Unit Network

Sale Schedule

An overview of Unit tokens in regard to Unit Network. Also, there are additional information on the core team members and advisors.


The UNIT token is unique in that is backed up by several cryptocurrencies like BTC. ETH, BNB etc. that buyers must use to purchase the token from the Sale page on Unit Network. Even the earliest supporters noted below in the pre-seed round (this also includes most of the core team members) purchased tokens to receive a stake in the project.
The UNIT token has not been given or 'airdropped' to founders, core team or community members without purchase or as part of the core team allocation and will remain as such to maintain the integrity of various digital assets backing the UNIT token.

Pre-seed Round

A $13.5m friends, family and community pre-seed round was closed in 2022. Below is a list of the key backers helping to create the new token economy.

Key Backers / Supporters

Advisors / Community

  • Christopher May - (Founder Finoa Digital Assets Custody)
  • Susanne Fromm - (CEO CoinIX)
  • Efi Pylarinou - (FinTech KOL)
  • Thomas Hessler - (Co-founder UFOStart/Signature Ventures)
  • Diego Zaldivar - (Bitcoin Argentina)
  • Rob Gryn - (Founder of Codewise/Metahero/Everdome)
  • Tariq Al Habtoor - (Ghaf Capital)
  • Jay Swannson - (Founder/CEO ClearVoice)

Core Team

  • Michael Healy
  • Paul Healy
  • Katia Miroshnikova
  • Thorne Davis
  • Joe Rotondi
  • Jenna Bitar
  • Roland Bernath
  • Thy-Diep (Yip) Ta
For a complete list please see UNIT Token community holders overview as all UNIT holdings are transparently shown there.

Seed Rounds

More information on the upcoming sales round will be released soon. Please return soon!