Unit Network

Unit Network DAO

Unit Operating Model (MOPS) - Unit Network operates as a DAO with the MOPS operating model focussed
The Unit Operating Model "MOPS" stands for Marketing, Organization, Product, Sales.
MOPS act as autonomous working entities that produce relevant products and services to the Unit Network community. Each contributor to Unit works as a contributor to one of the four MOPS operating pillars. Contributors can switch between different MOPS during their tenure if they wish to do so, but at one single point in time each contributor is assigned to only one MOPS.
Each MOPS has their own weekly focus meetings.
Each MOPS has their own overarching guiding performance metric to steer their output. In Unit Network, contributors' contribution to overall success metrics are tracked individually and within the MOPS entities.
Marketing: Contributors to Marketing are responsible for delivering services and products that help with creating brand awareness, brand loyalty and unique selling & market proposition for Unit Network. The key success metric for Marketing entity is the number of sign-ups to Unit Network.
Organization: Contributors to Organization are responsible to building a healthy organism in which each contributor can make best use of their skills and catalyze the progress and evolution of Unit Network. The key success metric for Organization entity is the number of hires, and retention.
Product: Contributors to Product are responsible to creating the suite of Unit Network dApps in a way that they are engaging, reliable, and secure. The key success metric for Product entity is enacted Net Promoter Score (virality).
Sales: Contributors to Sales are responsible for providing products and services that make it easy for users and token holders to engage in value-adding economic activities. The key success metric for Sales entity is the amount of fees generated by the token sales & exchanges on Unit Network.
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