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Unit Ventures is a free tokenisation accelerator that helps leaders, entrepreneurs, businesses, brands and agencies to build their own token economy in the world of Web3.
This is an initiative paving the way towards a more inclusive and fair economy with a focus on mainstream adoption of tokenisation. Unit Ventures works with experts from all over the world to help you create, manage, optimise a token and it's long-term implications.

The Accelerator Program

Anyone in the world is able to apply to participate in a Unit Ventures Accelerator Program at no cost.
Applications open 6 times a year and stay open typically for 2 months until the availability is maxed out. After applications close, the Unit Ventures team will review and spend time getting to know even more about your project, team, progress or idea.

Program Outline

  • 1. TOKENISATION: Introducing the vast opportunities tokenisation offers to brands, projects, creators and individuals.Using a lot of use-cases, so attendees can rely (real-estate tokenisation, brand tokens, loyalty programs, personal tokens, city tokens)\
  • 2. BUSINESS MODELLING: Understand the business model you want to operate in the web3 space. How you make money or generate value through having a token is essential to grow your project.
  • 3. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT: Receive a clear understanding of the values of your community. Understand the responsibility of leaders and management. Build clear governance structure in you DAO. Your community will thank you for it!
  • 4. LEGAL & TAXATION: Don't jump into token creation without understanding the fundamentals, the legal requirements and the regulatory environment. Optimise your taxes and take good care of your finances!
  • 5. FUNDRAISING: Having a good idea, team and execution can be enough. Having grants and funds added to it can make you the next unicorn. Our experts from VC funds will walk you through the DOs and DON'Ts of fundraising.
  • 6. TOKENOMICS: This is the heart of your project. You'll learn about token supply, token distribution, token allocation. Pricing models will help you determine the stability of your token's price.
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