Unit Network


A community led, bi-annual series of Crypto, City and Industry forums held online in TEDx style format. Create forums to inform, engage, inspire about the token economy


Unit Conferences are the stages for pioneers, innovators, developers, leaders, hobbyists, entrepreneurs and anyone else interested in cryptography, blockchain and Web3 to share their work and connect with other like-minds looking to learn and build. It is a space for meaningful conversations about the most important issues and how we can solve them, together.
Unit Conferences is also one of five initiatives setup by the Unit Network core team that interfaces with Unit Network while having a standalone application allowing any user to create, host and share their events in new ways.
A lot of development is currently underway to improve the integration of Unit Conference with the Unit Network application. Stay sharp for new updates coming soon!

How to create an event

All Unit Network account holders are able to access Unit Conference events feature from within Unit Network.

How the Unit Conferences work

We run global and local Unit Conferences on the regular basis. Please join our city groups on telegram to stay informed.
  • Each speaker slot is 15 minutes + 10 minutes Q&A.
  • 2 speakers per hour and per stage.
  • 5 minutes break between speaker sessions.
Unit Conferences are free of charge and speaker participation is voluntary and unpaid.

Unit Conference Format (Unconferences)

UNIT Conferences (or Unconferences as they are sometimes called) are open format sessions where members can be the host or the participant; No set agenda or preset schedule.
Our active and growing community of over 15,000 active members simply come together to showcase, discuss, and exchange ideas, products, findings, perspectives, and opinions.
Members simply sign up to host or join on topics of interest, whether it's about consciousness, the future economy, health care, or their passion about what they're doing and why they believe it's going to do good and change the world.
During an Unconference, six to ten sessions are going on at once with up to one hundred available time slots. We have held live events in twenty-six cities hosted over one thousand sessions with our Unconference globally.