Unit Network

Agency Tokens

All you need to know about agency tokens, their overview, use case, business model, and the Unit Network's resources for further guidance.


One of Unit Networks core growth strategies is the design and development of dedicated, responsible, and credible agencies to help individuals, business and communities tokenise.
Agencies are not administered by Unit Network or the Core Team (though some operate their own agencies) and may operate within a dedicated industry or geographical location, promoting, creating, developing and managing token projects in a way that is (to some extent) data driven with the innovative artistry of project design and storytelling.


All agencies can work remotely so an agency can be created to service token projects globally. Ideally every Industry and City could endeavour to develop their own native Agency that can help businesses specific to that city or Industry, tokenise.
Agency teams anywhere are highly incentivised to help businesses tokenise and raise funds. Successful agencies create revenue streams for the people driving growth like early adopters and content creators on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

Business Model

The Patreon business model gives us some insight into the pricing the market will bare. Patreon, largely artist-focused, has over 200,000 projects that are funded by friends, family, fans and followers. Patreon charges a 5-12% fee for providing this service.
In contrast, the Unit Network charges no fees for projects raising capital, and a modest 2% on the exchange, paid by the buyer, not the seller. In fact, the seller receives 0.5% on the sale.
This disruptive pricing will allow agencies to introduce highly competitive fees and percentages to afford the extra time, care, hand-holding, administration and management required to effectively and powerfully customise tokenisation models.


Unit Ventures offers a free six-week program for those looking to tokenise (operators) and those looking to become agencies / consultants (service providers).