Unit Network


An overview of the fundamental tokens and how Unit Network categories tokens.


With Unit Network, we aim to create impactful connections throughout communities and marketplaces built on a cooperative economy using tokens.This is a world where whichever city you go into, whatever industry you work in or whatever dream you want to bing to life you can easily plug into an ecosystem to collaborate with and support other like minded individuals, businesses and communities.
We believe tokens and the features offered on Unit Network play a key role in helping establish this vision of the future.
Additionally, in our effort to reduce speculative token valuations and improve adoption, each type of coin or token has a slightly different role within our ecosystem. This is important to understand on your journey into cryptocurrencies and Web3 as not all coins or tokens are made equal, just in the same way that not all communities or clubs are equal in what they offer.
Understanding the fundamentals of each kind of token will help you better navigate this emergent space and get you prepared to launch your own token as well.
A colorful image indicating the six core part of Unit Network.