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Unit Network enhances the growth of both new and established token-based communities by offering a range of integrated applications called Ecosystem Apps.

These apps provide token creators with versatile tools to effectively manage and expand their token communities and economies within the Unit Network platform.

Ecosystem Applications

Empowering Communities, Inspiring Creators: Ecosystem Apps for Seamless Connectivity and Growth

  • Unit Network:
    • Catalyzes potential in token-based ecosystems.
    • Provides a suite of native Ecosystem Apps.
  • Applications:
    • Integrated into Unit Network.
    • Empower token creators with tools for community and economic growth.


Unveiling the Mechanism: A Professional Insight into the Functionality of Ecosystem Apps

  • Functionality:

    • Similar to Core Apps within Unit Network.
    • Collection of native applications/pallets for user interaction.
    • Tailored for community growth and management.
    • Evolving with simplicity and effectiveness.
  • Token Creation:

    • Creation of a token grants access to Ecosystem Apps.
    • Example: $EXAMPLE token users can access $EXAMPLE Ecosystem Apps.
  • User Interaction:

    • Users can monitor all App activities.
    • Some functionalities available without associated tokens (e.g., setting up a Store).

App Store

Empower Your Innovation: Explore the Possibility of Crafting Your Own Ecosystem App on Unit Network

  • UnitChain:

    • Modular blockchain framework.
    • Facilitates seamless development and integration of applications.
  • Upcoming App Store:

    • Centralized platform for sharing and exploring plugins.
    • Promotes a decentralized App Store for the token economy.
    • Encourages collaboration and creativity.