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Community Contribution Guideline

Unit Network values collaboration, innovation, and self-sufficiency, aiming to create an environment where every contributor can thrive. The Contributor Cooperation Agreement outlines expectations and responsibilities for those aspiring to become Unit Team members, ensuring equitable treatment and fostering a strong community.

Key Elements of the Cooperation Agreement:


Contributors actively contribute to the ecosystem's growth through various tasks like content creation, feedback provision, and community event participation.

Core Values:

Upholding individual sovereignty, self-sufficiency, proactive problem-solving, collaboration, and belief in the token economy.


All contributions must adhere to open-source licensing principles to promote community benefit, openness, and transparency.

Conflict Resolution:

Conflict resolution involves constructive dialogue and mediation to maintain a harmonious community.

Contributor Benefits:

Contributors enjoy benefits such as being part of a mission-driven community, professional development opportunities, and potential pathways to become core team members.


Smooth transitions during contributor departures are ensured through voluntary or involuntary off-boarding processes, emphasizing transparency and fairness.

Involuntary Off-Boarding Process:

The process involves notification, warning, final decision, and communication to the contributor and the community, ensuring clear rules and consequences for disruptive behavior.

Unit Network encourages proactive engagement, responsibility, and collaboration among its contributors to shape a thriving community dedicated to innovation and collective progress.