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Unit Community

Welcome to Unit Network, where we're not just building a community; we're creating an epic ecosystem driven by collaboration and innovation!

Whether you're a tech wizard or just curious, there's a spot for you in our vibrant community.

Think of our virtual workspace as a mix of independence and shared vision, with a sprinkle of responsibility and respect.

No need for fancy degrees here; all it takes is a passion for learning, a dash of teamwork, and a whole lot of determination.

Embrace your uniqueness, take charge, and let's showcase your skills while having a blast with the coolest crew in town.

Love solving puzzles? Fantastic! Share your genius ideas, and let's tackle challenges together.

We're all about teamwork, conquering obstacles, and celebrating victories like pros.

And our big dream? It's the token economy – a world where contributors like you are the true heroes.

So, buckle up, get ready for an awesome journey, and let's be the professionals who rock the future of blockchain with style! 🚀

Community Guidelines:


Unit Network embraces diversity, welcoming individuals of all backgrounds, ages, genders, races, sexual orientations, abilities, religions, ethnicities, and perspectives. Everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute to the community.

Respectful Communication:

In public chats, respectful language is essential. Personal issues should be addressed privately or outside the platform to maintain a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

Prohibition of Solicitation:

Requesting crypto/deposits in Unit Network chats is strictly prohibited. If anyone, including those claiming to be Unit team members, asks for such information, report it immediately for removal and blocking.

Scam Awareness:

Beware of scammers impersonating others within the community. Verify TG handles and promptly inform an admin if suspicious activity is detected. Stay vigilant to uphold a secure environment for all members.

Chat Rules Summary:

Read and Understand:

Familiarize yourself with the rules to ensure compliance.

Respectful Behavior:

Treat all members with respect; avoid threats, sexism, hate speech, racism, doxxing, swatting, or witch hunting.

No Advertising:

Refrain from advertising, including DM advertising.

NSFW Content:

Do not share or discuss NSFW content, including gore or sexual content.

No Spamming:

Avoid spamming in text or voice chat to maintain a clutter-free environment.

Sensitive Topics:

Steer clear of discussing sensitive topics to prevent arguments and maintain harmony.

No Malicious Content:

Do not share harmful links or token grabbers; keep the community safe from malicious content.

Bot Restrictions:

Self, spam, or malicious bots, such as Nitro snipers and auto-changing statuses, are not allowed.

Respect for Members:

Refrain from berating, chastising, or demeaning admin, community, and core team members.

Profile Picture/Banner Rules:

Profile pictures and banners should adhere to guidelines; avoid NSFW, racism, or flashing images.

Emoji Usage:

Use emojis responsibly; avoid NSFW, racism, or flashing images.

English Language:

Communication should be in English only, considering moderation constraints.

Remember to maintain respect for everyone and reach out to an admin for any inquiries. Welcome aboard!