Unit Network

Core Team

When individuals come together aligned on the same bold purpose, great things happen.
A Core Team role entails assuming key leadership and decision-making responsibilities within a specific vertical.
Core Team members actively collaborate with each other, playing a crucial role in supporting the growth of the Unit Network ecosystem. Their focus is on working collectively towards achieving the long-term goals and vision of the project.
Core Team members are central figures in steering the direction of the organization, contributing significantly to its overall success.

Responsibilities of a Core Team Member

1. Cultivate a Positive Brand Image: Actively contribute to building and maintaining a positive image of the Unit brand consistently.
2. Embrace the Ethos: Understand and embody the ethos of the Core Team. Members are not employees or delegators but self-sufficient, self-motivated builders, creators, entrepreneurs, and founders working towards a collective vision.
3. Active Participation: Be actively engaged in the Core Team Telegram chat and attend daily Core Team meetings.
4. Collaboration: Collaborate with other Core Team members and Pioneers. The Unit Network DAO is composed of different working teams fulfilling operational tasks, and as a Core Team member, collaboration is essential to drive the project forward.
5. Role Assignment: Choose a specific role within one operational vertical (M.O.P.S). If working within the Marketing vertical, select a specific marketing initiative (C.V.M.U.N) to focus on.
6. Proactive Improvement: Take a proactive approach in identifying areas of improvement within the DAO and actively contribute solutions, fostering the continuous enhancement of the project's operations.

Opportunities for Core Team Members

1. Comprehensive Opportunities: Core Team members enjoy all the opportunities provided by Contributor, Ambassador, and Pioneer roles, receiving a range of benefits and rewards.
2. Operational Leadership: Lead operational initiatives, tasks, and projects that drive the DAO, playing a pivotal role in shaping the Unit Network ecosystem.
3. Networking: Engage as an operational part of a network that includes leading minds in the global blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, providing invaluable connections and collaborations at the forefront of technological innovation.
4. Personal and Professional Development: Develop both personally and professionally in one of the most innovative and crucial industries, contributing to and learning from the dynamic landscape of blockchain and cryptocurrency.
5. Token Rewards: Receive UNIT tokens with a 3-year cliff and 5-year vesting period, reflecting a commitment to long-term collaboration and success.
6. Exclusive Membership: Be one of only 200 Core Team members, enjoying the exclusivity and recognition that comes with being a key part of the Unit Network's core leadership.

Access Privileges for Core Team Members:

1. Core Team-Only Channels: Gain access to exclusive Core Team-only channels on Telegram, providing a secure and direct space for confidential discussions and collaboration.
2. City and Industry Telegram Communities: Enjoy access to all City and Industry Telegram communities, facilitating engagement and communication within various segments of the Unit Network ecosystem.
3. Daily Core Team Sync-Up: Participate in the daily Core Team sync-up sessions, fostering real-time communication, updates, and alignment within the Core Team.
4. Voting Privileges: Exercise the right to vote in the monthly content reward rounds, actively contributing to the recognition and rewarding of valuable contributions within the Unit Network ecosystem.
5. Unit Summit Attendance: Attend Unit Summit each quarter, providing an opportunity to gather, collaborate, and align with fellow Core Team members on key initiatives and developments within the Unit Network.
6. Unit Embassies Access: Gain access to Unit Embassies around the world, further expanding networking opportunities and contributing to global engagement.
7. Vast Unit Network Ecosystem: Enjoy access to the vast Unit Network ecosystem, providing a comprehensive view and involvement in various aspects of the project's activities and initiatives.

How to Become a Unit Network Core Team member

1. Complete the 3-Month Pioneer Program: Successfully fulfill the requirements of the 3-month Pioneer Program, demonstrating your commitment and contribution to the Unit Network ecosystem.
2. Present Your 3-Month Project: Present the project that you proposed at the beginning of your Pioneer term to the Core Team. Share insights, outcomes, and the impact of your initiatives during the Pioneer Program.
3. Decide on a Specific Role: Based on the outcomes of your project proposal, decide on a specific role within one operational vertical (M.O.P.S). If working within the Marketing vertical, choose a specific marketing initiative (C.V.M.U.N) to focus on. This role selection is a crucial step in aligning your contributions with the operational goals of the Unit Network ecosystem.