Unit Network


The Pioneer role is an immersive experience where individuals collaborate closely with seasoned Core Team members. Pioneers actively engage in various aspects of the project's operation and development, contributing significantly to its advancement and goals.
This program spans three months, during which Pioneers gain hands-on experience and insight.
Upon successful completion of the Pioneer program, participants receive an invitation to join the Core Team, showcasing the program's commitment to fostering talent and integrating dedicated contributors into the project's leadership.

Responsibilities of a Pioneer

1. Cultivate a Positive Brand Image: Actively contribute to building and maintaining a positive image of the Unit brand consistently.
2. Active Participation: Be actively involved in the Core Team Telegram chat and attend daily Core Team meetings. Access to these channels will be granted upon a successful Pioneer application.
3. Project Proposal: Choose and develop a comprehensive 3-month project proposal. Pioneers are encouraged to outline their planned activities, collaborators, and success metrics, ensuring a clear roadmap for their initial period.
4. Role Assignment: Select a specific role within one operational vertical (M.O.P.S) based on the approved project proposal. If working within the Marketing vertical, choose a specific marketing initiative (C.V.M.U.N) to focus on. The operational verticals include Marketing, Organization (which becomes fully active with a larger operational team), Product, and Sales.
5. Proactive Improvement: Take a proactive approach in identifying areas of improvement within the DAO and provide constructive solutions, contributing to the continuous enhancement of the project's operations.

Opportunities for Pioneers

1. Comprehensive Opportunities: Pioneers have access to all the opportunities presented by Contributor and Ambassador roles, enjoying a range of benefits and rewards.
2. Core Team Pathway: The Pioneer program serves as a pathway to becoming a core team member and a foundational part of the Unit Network founding team, offering a unique and influential role within the organization.
3. Operational Team Engagement: Pioneers have the opportunity to work in operational teams that manage the DAO. Responsibilities may include onboarding contributors, contributor management, content creation and publishing, event hosting, and direct support to core team members.
4. Networking: Engage as an operational part of a network that includes leading minds in the global blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, providing invaluable connections and collaborations at the forefront of technological innovation.
5. Personal and Professional Development: Pioneers have the chance to develop both personally and professionally in one of the most innovative and significant industries, contributing to and learning from the dynamic landscape of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Access Privileges for Pioneers

1. Core Team-Only Channels: Gain access to exclusive Core Team-only channels on Telegram, providing a direct and secure space for confidential discussions and collaboration.
2. City and Industry Telegram Communities: Enjoy access to all City and Industry Telegram communities, fostering engagement and communication within various segments of the Unit Network ecosystem.
3. Daily Core Team Sync-Up: Participate in the daily Core Team sync-up sessions, facilitating real-time communication, updates, and alignment within the Core Team.
4. Voting Privileges: Exercise the right to vote in the monthly content reward rounds, actively contributing to the recognition and rewarding of valuable contributions within the Unit Network ecosystem.
5. Unit Summit Attendance: Attend the Unit Summit each quarter, providing an opportunity to gather, collaborate, and align with fellow Pioneers and Core Team members on key initiatives and developments within the Unit Network.

How to Become a Unit Network Pioneer

1. Fulfill Contributor Criteria: Ensure that you meet all the criteria to be a Contributor, as outlined in the 'How To Become a Unit Network Contributor' guide.
2. Interview with Core Team: Reach out for a brief interview with an existing Core Team member. This step is essential for further evaluation and alignment.
3. Review Cooperation Agreement: Read and familiarize yourself with the general Cooperation Agreement, understanding the terms and expectations.
4. Review Privacy Policy: Familiarize yourself with the Privacy Policy, ensuring a clear understanding of how your data will be handled within the Unit Network ecosystem.
5. Complete Pioneer Onboarding Form: Fill out and complete the Pioneer Onboarding Form, providing necessary details to initiate the onboarding process.
6. Complete Pioneer Cooperation Agreement Form: Submit the Pioneer Cooperation Agreement Form, acknowledging and agreeing to the terms outlined in the Cooperation Agreement.
7. Complete Pioneer Entrance Assessment: Successfully complete the Pioneer Entrance Assessment, demonstrating your understanding of the Unit Network ecosystem and your commitment to the role.
Following these steps will set you on the path to becoming a Unit Network Pioneer, providing you with an opportunity to actively contribute and potentially join the Core Team.