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An explanation of how Unit ambassador program works, how to join, the duties of an ambassador, and the benefit of being one.
An Ambassador plays a pivotal role in promoting the project to the broader community. This involves actively spreading awareness of the project's values, educating others about its benefits and potential, and passionately advocating for its adoption and growth. Ambassadors serve as enthusiastic advocates, contributing to the project's success by fostering understanding and engagement within the wider community.

Responsibilities of an Ambassador

1. Cultivate a Positive Image: Actively contribute to building and maintaining a positive image of Unit Network consistently.
2. Active Engagement: Be actively involved on Unit Network channels, especially Industry and City token channels. Each Ambassador is responsible for at least one industry or city token community.
3. Event Creation: Develop outstanding events and meet-ups that require minimal support and oversight from Unit Network Pioneers and the Core Team. Support is available if needed.
4. Host Diverse Events: Host events in various forms, ensuring visible Unit Network branding. This includes hackathons, open/private events, community talks, fireside chats, unconferences, and meet-ups.
5. Proactive Improvement: Proactively identify areas of improvement within the Unit Network DAO and provide constructive solutions to scale the project.
6. Capture Content: Ensure that photo/video content is captured for all events, making it shareable across social media platforms and Unit News for wider visibility and engagement.

Opportunities for Ambassadors

1. Event Hosting: Play a crucial role in hosting events, a vital component of the Unit Network growth strategy, contributing to the formation of strong and aligned communities.
2. Reputation and Rewards: Gain recognition and rewards for successful events, including perks such as merch-packs, access to event bounties, admission to Unit Summit and direct access to the extensive Unit Network ecosystem.
3. Proposal of New Ideas: Ambassadors could propose and develop new community initiatives. The Unit Network DAO actively supports the implementation of innovative ideas put forward by Ambassadors.
4. Potential for New Business Lines: Explore new business lines with the potential to receive community and financial support. Ambassadors can contribute to the expansion and diversification of the Unit Network ecosystem.

Access Privileges for Ambassadors

1. Ambassador-Only Channels: Gain access to exclusive Ambassador-only channels on Telegram, providing a dedicated space for confidential discussions and collaboration.
2. City and Industry Telegram Communities: Enjoy access to all city and industry Telegram communities, facilitating engagement and communication within diverse segments of the Unit Network ecosystem.
3. Fortnightly Ambassador Sync-Up: Participate in the bi-weekly Ambassador sync-up sessions, fostering collaboration, sharing updates, and aligning efforts within the Ambassador community.
4. Voting Privileges: Exercise the right to vote in the monthly content reward rounds, actively contributing to the recognition and rewarding of valuable contributions within the Unit Network ecosystem.

How to Become a Unit Network Ambassador

1. Fulfill Contributor Criteria: Ensure that you meet all the criteria to be a Contributor, as outlined in the 'How to Become a Unit Network Contributor' guide. This includes understanding the Unit Network protocol and vision by reading the provided documentation on the website, creating a Unit Network account, and posting at least one piece of content while tagging the respective Unit Network channel.
2. Host an Event: Take the initiative to host at least one event or meet-up, following the guidelines provided above. Collect pictures from the event as they will be needed for the Ambassadors Form.
3. Complete the Ambassadors Form: Fill out and complete the Ambassadors Form provided, and successfully pass the accompanying quiz.
This step is crucial for the formalization of your role as a Unit Network Ambassador.
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