Unit Network

Community Guideline

Unit Network Community: Where Respect, Collaboration, and Innovation Unite.
Unit Network prioritizes inclusivity, welcoming individuals of all backgrounds. Regardless of age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical ability, religion, ethnicity, or perspective, everyone is encouraged to participate. As the chats are public spaces, it's essential to use respectful language, and any personal issues should be discussed privately or outside the platform.
In Unit Network chats, requesting crypto/deposits is strictly prohibited. If anyone, even someone claiming to be a Unit team member, asks for anything, report it immediately for removal and blocking. Be cautious of scammers impersonating others; check TG handles and inform an admin if necessary. Stay vigilant to maintain a secure environment.

Chat Rules

1. Read and understand the rules.
2. Be respectful to all members; no threats, sexism, hate speech, racism, doxxing, swatting, or witch hunting.
3. No advertising, including DM advertising.
4. No NSFW content (gore or sexual content).
5. No spamming in text or voice chat.
6. Avoid discussing sensitive topics to prevent arguments.
7. No malicious content, including harmful links or token grabbers.
8. No self/spam/malicious bots, including Nitro snipers and auto-changing statuses.
9. Do not berate, chastise, or demean admin, community, and core team members.
10. Follow rules for profile pictures/banners (No NSFW, racism, or flashing images).
11. Emoji rules apply (No NSFW, racism, or flashing images).
12. Use English only (for now) due to moderation constraints.
Respect everyone and contact an admin for questions. Welcome aboard!