Unit Network

Co-operation Agreement

Empowering Innovation, Nurturing Collaboration

Becoming a Contributor

Unit Network, as a decentralized platform and DAO, places a high premium on collaboration, innovation, and self-sufficiency. Our commitment is to establish an environment where each contributor can flourish, acknowledging the distinct skills and perspectives that every individual brings to our community.
In fostering a strong sense of community and ensuring equitable treatment for all contributors, we have introduced the Contributor Cooperation Agreement. This agreement serves as a guide, outlining the expectations and responsibilities that all contributors, aspiring to become Unit Team members, must embrace within the Unit Network ecosystem.

Key Elements of the Cooperation Agreement:

1. Duties:
All contributors are expected to actively contribute to the ecosystem's growth, engaging in tasks like developing initiatives, creating content, providing feedback, and participating in community events.
2. Core Values:
Proper attribution of contributions to individual contributors is mandatory. This ensures due recognition for their work and facilitates others in building upon these contributions.
3. Licensing:
All contributions must be made under an open-source license. This commitment ensures that the wider community can benefit from contributions, fostering an open and transparent ecosystem.
4. Conflict Resolution:
In cases of conflicts or disputes, collaboration for resolution is encouraged. This may involve mediation or other conflict resolution methods to maintain a harmonious community.
5. Contributor Benefits:
While monetary compensation is not provided, contributors receive incentives and rewards such as exclusive event access, community recognition, and opportunities to earn tokens through active participation in the ecosystem.
6. Off-boarding:
A smooth transition during contributor departure is crucial to safeguard the DAO's assets and information. The off-boarding process ensures the collection of necessary information and ties up all loose ends, facilitating a seamless exit.
1. Duties:
· Familiarize yourself with the mission, vision, and goals of Unit Network.
· Act as a local representative, maintaining and growing City & Industry tokens.
· Help build and maintain a positive image of the Unit Network brand.
· Contribute ideas and participate in Unit meetings for new projects and strategies.
· Attend daily core team meetings and actively engage in Telegram chats/groups.
· Grow the Unit Network community by inviting and welcoming new members.
· Propose and deliver one initiative/project aligned with the strategy team within a 3-month period.
· Be accountable for updating documentation, task/project progress reports in a timely manner.
· Demonstrate autonomous organization and governance.
· Embrace an open-source mindset, building and innovating on existing contributions.
· Bring an entrepreneurial mindset, taking ownership of the overall success and growth of the Unit Network ecosystem.
2. Core Values:
· Individual sovereignty: Empower individuals to control their financial lives and personal identities through blockchain technology.
· Self-sufficiency: Encourage contributors to take initiative and guide themselves while collaborating and seeking help when needed.
· Problem-solving mentality: Value proactive problem-solving, encouraging contributors to identify and document areas for improvement.
· Collaboration and teamwork: Believe in the strength of collaboration and teamwork, promoting connection among peers to discuss and solve challenges.
· The token economy: Aspire to create a self-sustaining and continually growing token economy that rewards all contributors for their contributions.
3. Licensing:
· All contributions must be made under an open-source license to ensure community benefit, openness, and transparency. Open-source licenses enable others to access, use, and build upon contributions without the risk of copyright infringement.
4. Conflict Resolution:
· Resolve conflicts through constructive dialogue, involving mediation if necessary. A structured process includes identification, discussion, mediation, escalation, and post-resolution review.
5. Contributor Benefits:
· Be part of a mission creating a more inclusive and fair economy.
· Pioneer in the token economy, contributing to human history.
· Join a network of global minds and gain exposure to business leaders.
· Access training workshops for personal and professional development.
· Opportunity to become a core team member with stakes in Unit and competitive bonuses.
· Listing on Unit Initiative websites and social media recognition for achievements.
6. Off-boarding:
· Voluntary Off-boarding: Contributors provide exit notice, backup data, and close work-related accounts.
· Involuntary Off-boarding: Clear rules ensure transparency. Process involves notification, warning, final decision, and communication to the contributor and the community.
Involuntary Off-Boarding Process
The Involuntary Off-boarding Process is an essential element of maintaining transparency and fairness within the Unit Network ecosystem.
The Core Team emphasizes the need for contributors to be aware that consistent disruption, lack of attendance/contribution, and negative impacts on Unit Network's progress may lead to their removal from the project.
While this approach may differ from common DAO practices, the Core Team believes in establishing clear rules and consequences. This ensures the smooth operation and progress of the community. The key steps in the Involuntary Off-boarding Process are as follows:
1. Notification:
Contributors will be notified if their behavior consistently disrupts the project, and if there is a lack of attendance or contribution.
Specific examples of the behavior in question will be provided, along with a clear explanation of its detrimental impact on Unit Network's progress.
2. Warning:
Following the notification, contributors will receive a warning indicating that they are expected to rectify their behavior within a specified timeframe.
3. Final Decision:
If the contributor fails to rectify their behavior within the given timeframe, the Core Team will make a final decision regarding their involvement.
Potential outcomes include suspension or termination of the contributor's engagement with Unit Network.
4. Communication:
The final decision will be communicated to the contributor involved, ensuring transparency and fairness.
The broader DAO community will also be informed of the decision, maintaining an open and accountable environment within Unit Network.
In the dynamic landscape of the blockchain industry, characterized by rapid changes and evolving conditions, we actively encourage each member to seize the initiative, assume responsibilities, handpick tasks, and forge their own network within our collective ecosystem.
Given our decentralized work environment, where we operate remotely and independently towards a shared objective, it is crucial to embody a sense of responsibility and engage with one another in a spirit of respect. We implore you to foster a proactive work culture and embrace an open mindset, recognizing the value of collaboration and individual contributions. Together, let's shape a thriving community that thrives on innovation and collective progress.